University Hymn

Lyrics by Victoria L. Ojas
Adaptation by Engr. Michael Forton
Arrangement by Jimuel Dave Dagta

A wisp from sky's resplendent wall
Breathes hope, brings light as it does fall
Steers on the anvil so the gear
To weave the song CHMSU dear.

CHMSU thou art hope and joy
Science, Technology ye do deploy
To youth with fervor burning still
Thou quench the thirst for knowledge and skills.

O hail! We pledge our loyalty
And all our toils for thy glory be
To the skies that lend the noble blue
CHMSU to thee we'll be true.

O nurturing home of loftier dream,
On thine beckoning height,
Life's quests do beam
Now songs of praise ring loudly through the sky,
To thee, the Great Power on High.

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