Academic Programs at a Glimpse

Carlos Hilado Memorial State University offers 42 academic programs with a variety of specializations at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

34 undergraduate programs, 5 master's degree programs, and 3 doctorate programs are accredited by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines.

Degree Programs Offered

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences

Develop and implement programs in Liberal Arts and Sciences to achieve academic excellence and competencies geared towards the total development of the learners in their specialized fields.


  • Bachelor of Arts in
    • English Language
    • Social Science
  • Bachelor of Public Administration¬†(effective Academic Year 2021 - 2022)
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics (waiting for COPC, to be offered in AY 2023-2024)
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology


  • Master in Public Administration with specialization in:
    • Urban Planning
    • Human Resource Management (offered in Fortune Towne Campus only)
  • Doctor in Public Administration
College of Business Management and Accountancy

College of Business Management and Accountancy

The College aims to perform the four mandated functions: instructions, research, extension, and production, effectively, efficiently, and economically through:

  1. Promoting and sustaining quality instruction;
  2. Enhancing and sustaining green research and development activities;
  3. Promoting educational, socio-cultural, and economic advancement by developing collaboration, relationship, and partnership with the local communities and the nearby provinces and regions;
  4. Expanding and leveraging fiscal resources by pursuing sustainable alternative resource, revenue development projects, and activities; and
  5. Promoting proper utilization of resource and strengthening commitment to excellence through employees' satisfaction, recognition, and quality work management.


  • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial Management (offered also in Binalbagan Campus)
  • Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (offered in Talisay (Main) Campus only)
  • Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting
  • Bachelor of Science in Office Administration


  • Master in Business Administration
College of Computer Studies Final logo

College of Computer Studies

The College of Computer Studies aims to:

  • Produce graduates appropriately skilled and responsive to the needs of the ever fast-changing trends in ITE.
  • Develop creative innovators with the confidence and courage to seize and transform opportunities for the benefit of the society.
  • Provide continuous specialized faculty training and professional development.
  • Acquire, implement, and utilize technologies to support for the instructional, administrative, research and development, and extension needs.
  • Provide students with all the resource to enrich their educational experience in order to pursue careers as ITE professionals in industry, business, and services.


  • Bachelor of Science in Information Systems (offered also in Fortune Towne Campus and Talisay (Main) Campus)
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (offered also in Binalbagan Campus)
College of Criminal Justice

College of Criminal Justice

The Institution aims to:

  • Foster the virtues of honor, oneness, unity, loyalty, discipline, and service (HOLDS);
  • Prepare students for careers in crime prevention, law enforcement, crime detection, correctional administration, and other relevant career opportunities;
  • Encourage research and extension services, as being important development components and higher learning opportunities.

The program aims to:

  • Foster the values of leadership, integrity, accountability, and responsibility while serving their fellowmen, community, and country;
  • Prepares students for careers in crime prevention, law enforcement, scientific crime detection, and correctional administration;
  • Encourage research and inquiry on the nature, causes, treatment, or punishment of criminal behavior and how criminal justice agencies respond to crime, criminals, and victims.


  • Bachelor of Science in Criminology
College of Education

College of Education

Implement Teacher Education Programs for the elementary and secondary levels and endeavor to achieve quality and excellence, relevance and responsiveness, equity and access, and efficiency and effectiveness in instruction, research, extension, and production.


  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education (offered also in Binalbagan Campus)
  • Bachelor of Physical Education
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education with major in
    • English
    • Filipino
    • Mathematics
    • Science (offered also in Binalbagan Campus)
  • Bachelor of Special Needs Education
  • Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education major in
    • Home Economics (offered in Binalbagan Campus and Talisay (Main) Campus)
    • Industrial Arts
  • Bachelor of Technical Vocational Teacher Education major in
    • Electrical Technology (offered in Alijis Campus only)
    • Electronics Technology (offered in Alijis Campus only)


  • Master of Arts in Education major in
    • Educational Management
    • English
    • General Science
    • Mathematics
    • Physical Education
    • Technology and Livelihood Education
  • Doctor of Education in Educational Management


  • Teacher Certificate Program
College of Engineering Logo (Final)

College of Engineering

Produce globally competent engineers equipped with scientific knowledge, technical proficiency, ethical work values, interpersonal and communication skills, and an understanding of environmental and sustainability issues related to their profession.


  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (offered in Alijis Campus only)
  • Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering (offered in Alijis Campus only)
College of Fisheries

College of Fisheries

To develop scientific and technical knowledge anchored on sustainable fisheries productivity and promote linkages and networking in the implementation of fisheries programs and projects.


  • Bachelor of Science in Fisheries
College of Industrial Technology

College of Industrial Technology

Develop world-class industrial workers and middle-level managers equipped with scientific knowledge, technological skills, and ethical work values to achieve a desirable quality of life.


  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology major in
    • Architectural Drafting Technology (offered also in Alijis Campus)
    • Automotive Technology (offered also in Alijis Campus)
    • Computer Technology (offered in Alijis Campus only)
    • Electrical Technology (offered also in Alijis Campus)
    • Electronics Technology (offered also in Alijis Campus)
    • Fashion and Apparel Technology
    • Food Trades Technology (offered also in Alijis Campus)
    • Mechanical Technology (offered also in Alijis Campus)
    • Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Technology


  • Masters in Technology Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Management

All programs updated as of January 31, 2023

Academic Services


Library and Information Services


Office of the Registrar


No student shall be denied admission to Carlos Hilado Memorial State University by reason of sex, ethnic consideration, religious belief or affiliation (Sec. 4, Batas Blg. 477), provided that every application for admission shall meet all the entrance requirements prescribed by the college or department to which he/she seeks enrollment.

1. Applicant for admission to the doctoral program must be a holder of master's degree from any recognized institution.

2. Applicant for admission to the master's degree program must be a holder of bachelor's degree or its academic equivalent from any recognized institution.

3. Applicant for admission for the college degree program, secondary and elementary level must be a secondary school graduate, elementary school graduate, and a preparatory school graduate, respectively, from any recognized institution.

4. The applicant must submit to the college/department concerned the following minimum requirements:

A. New Student and Transferee

  • Duly accomplished Application Form (CHMSUETAF)
  • Original Report Card (for High School graduates)
  • Original Certificate of Transfer Credentials with photocopy of Transcript of Records for evaluation(transferee)
  • Birth Certificate, NSO if possible (Clear Photocopy)
  • Original Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • 3 pcs. 2x2 ID picture ( 1 registrar, 2 NSTP)
  • 2 pcs. 1x1 ID picture ( for the library)
  • Photocopy of Medical Certificate (for the clinic)
  • NCAE result (photocopy) - if available
  • Brown envelope with label (FAMILY NAME, FIRST NAME, MIDDLE NAME)

B. Graduate Studies

1. Entrance Exam Requirements

  • Transfer Credential (Photocopy)
  • Photocopy of Transcript of Records
  • 2x2 ID Picture

2. Enrollment Requirements

  • Transfer Credential (Original)
  • Transcript of Records (Photocopy)
  • NSO Birth Certificate (Photocopy)
  • 2x2 ID Picture
  • Marriage Contract (for married female applicant)

5. An applicant seeking admission shall take and pass both the written entrance examination and personal interview

6. In the College of Education, an applicant seeking admission should also pass the Standardized Aptitude Test (SATT) to be qualified for the interview.

7. Admission of the students shall be decided upon by the dean/head of the college/department concerned.

8. Admission of transferees and returnees shall be decided upon by the dean/head of the college/department concerned, provided that they shall meet the admission requirements prescribed by the College.

Note: All submitted documents shall become the property of CHMSC; hence these are not to be returned to the students.

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