About Bids and Awards Committee Secretariat / Procurement Unit

The Head of Procurement Entity (HoPE) shall create a Secretariat which will serve as the main support unit of the BAC. An existing organic office within the Procuring Entity may also be designated to serve as Secretariat. To strengthen and promote the professionalization of the organizations’ procuring unit, the HoPE may create procurement units that may serve concurrently as Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) Secretariat in accordance with the guidelines issued by DBM. The Secretariat shall have the following functions and responsibilities:

a) Provide administrative support to the BAC and the Technical Working Group (TWG).

b) Organize and make all necessary arrangements for BAC and the TWG meetings and conferences;

c) Prepare minutes of meetings and resolutions of the BAC;

d) Take custody of procurement documents and other records and ensure that all procurements undertaken by the Procuring Entity are properly documented;

e) Manage the sale and distribution of Bidding Documents to interested bidders;

f) Advertise and/or post bidding opportunities, including Bidding Documents, and notices of awards;

g) Assist in managing the procurement processes;

h) Monitor procurement activities and milestones for proper reporting to relevant agencies when required;

i) Consolidate Project Procurement Management Plans (PPMP) from various units of the Procuring Entity to make them available for review as indicated in Section 7 of this Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) and prepare the Annual Procurement Plan (APP); and

j) Act as the central channel of communications for the BAC with end-user or implementing units, Procurement Management Offices, other units of the line agency, other government agencies, providers of goods, infrastructure projects, and consulting services, observers, and the general public.

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