Structure and Organization

The Office of the Registrar is the repository of records of the students pertaining to academic performance and academic requirements in compliance with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) regulation. It is a central hub serving the students, their parents, faculty, administration, and alumni of the Schools.

Core Functions

The school Registrar performs as an administrative official and member of the school’s policy-making body, an office head, registration and records officer, liaison officer, custodian, and evaluator. Specifically, he/she shall perform the following:

  • Assist the top management in formulation and enforcement of policies on admission, registration/enrolment, graduation and other related academic matters;
  • Implement Commission on Higher Education (CHED) policies and regulations regarding admission, enrolment, load requirements, subject sequence, promotion, graduation, transfer, and dismissal of students;
  • Assist in the making and revision of curricula and student handbook;
  • Serve as the primary custodian of the academic and scholastic records of all students and alumni;
  • Preserve and maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the student records in accordance with law and the manual;
  • Process documents such as transcripts of records, various certifications, and diplomas;
  • Liaise with various government agencies such as the Commission on Higher Education, the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Bureau of Immigration, the Philippine Regulatory Commission, and the Civil Service Commission for the authentication/verification of student records, coordination for the submission and approval of curricula and other reportorial requirements;
  • Periodically review, evaluate and improve present systems and procedure;
  • Maintain linkages with the other Registrars in connection with student records and registrar’s concern;
  • Assign, supervise, coordinate, check and review work of personnel at the Registrar’s Office;
  • Evaluate performance of Registrar personnel;
  • Request the needed office equipment and supply;
  • Oversee the proper use, maintenance, control, safekeeping of property and office equipment;
  • and Perform other functions as stated in the Administrative Manual.
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