College President forum panelist in Malaysia

College President Renato Sorolla, PhD served as a forum panelist during the Asia Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Experts Forum last July 17 to 18 in Johor Bharu, Malaysia. He shared his experiences in the field of work under the title “Strengthening ASIA University TVET Networking” on day one of the fora.

The theme “TVET Development for Sustainable Nation Building” looked into establishing the Asia TVET Experts Network and strengthening TVET as a key agenda, particularly in Asia. Sorolla also delivered an Arquatecture and Energy care paper titled “The Architect-Author’s Concepts of Arquatecture (Architecture, Aquaponics and Agriculture)”.

He talked about the college’s approach to addressing the challenges of today’s environmental conditions, such as energy conservation and efficiency. The College President also contributed to establishing the Asia TVET Experts Network (ATEN), which will serve as an association connecting all Experts in TVET. This joint body will meet to discuss current issues related to TVET in higher education from time to time and get involved in research grants or consultation projects related to TVET.

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