Guidelines for the heat index forecast provided by PAGASA

To all Faculty and students

In view of the heat index forecast by PAGASA, you are enjoined to observe the following guidelines:

1. When a heat index as forecasted reaches a minimum of 43°c and up, specific to Region VI, the face-to-face classes will be automatically shifted to online classes and project-based learning activities;
2. During online classes, all faculty will work-from-home. However, if a faculty has internet connectivity issue, he may report to school for online classes but is avised to stay in cool areas and employ precautionary measures;
3. For programs requiring in-person laboratory activities with the students, the dean shall inform the Campus Director and VPAF Office to allow the students’ and the faculty’s entry to the campus;
4. All faculty designees must report to offices along with GASS and JO personnel;
5. The heat index forecast, a day before the scheduled classes, will be the basis for shifting to online classes; and
6. Temporary suspension of uniform policy will continue until further notice.

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