Mayor Malacon and Family Donate Land for CHMSU Center in E.B. Magalona

Talisay City, Philippines – In a momentous ceremony held on February 7, 2024, at the Carlos Hilado Memorial State University (CHMSU) Talisay (Main) Campus, E.B. Magalona Mayor Marvin M. Malacon and his family generously donated a parcel of land to the university. This act of philanthropy paves the way for the establishment of the CHMSU Center for Extension, Community Development, and Psychological Services – Feliciano S. Malacon, Jr. Campus.

The occasion was marked by a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and Deed of Donation signing ceremony between Malacon and CHMSU President Norberto P. Mangulabnan, witnessed by the Mayor’s family, Vice Mayor Eric D. Matulac, Engr. Erwin Poniado from the Municipal Planning and Development Office, and esteemed university officials. These included VP for Administration and Finance Rosalinda S. Tuvilla, VP for Research and Extension Services Andrew Eusebio S. Tan, VP for Academic Affairs Jay B. Estrellas, Faculty Association President Jose Lizael Lampinez, and several others.

Expressing his unwavering support for CHMSU and the project’s future development, Malacon highlighted his family’s enduring commitment to education, particularly for the youth. He emphasized the transformative power of education in achieving progress and development.

Mangulabnan, deeply appreciative of the Malacon family’s generosity, acknowledged the positive impact this initiative will have on the E.B. Magalona communities. He envisioned the center empowering these communities through valuable extension services, ultimately improving their quality of life. He expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Malacon family for choosing to partner with CHMSU in this transformative endeavor.

Mangulabnan also shed light on CHMSU’s strategic goals for the coming years, emphasizing digitalization and internationalization as key priorities. These initiatives aim to propel the university forward, ensuring it remains at the forefront of academic excellence and accessibility.

The ceremony concluded with closing remarks by VP Tuvilla, who stated that the donated property transcends its physical presence. She envisioned it as a powerful symbol of the unwavering support the local government extends to CHMSU.

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