Social Science Program and CIER hold Global Village Festival

Themed “Celebrating Multiculturalism and the SDG” the Global Village Festival organized by BA in Social Science 1A, 4B, and 4C classes in collaboration with the Social Science Guild and the Center for Internationalization and External Relations saw students, faculty, and staff in a vibrant display of international costumes at the Function Hall, Green Building on December 7, 2023.

Rhoderick K. Samonte, Director for Internationalization and External Relations emphasized the significance of multiculturalism in a highly globalized world and the need to cultivate one of CHMSU’s core values of openness. He underscored the need for people to be more open, tolerant, and respectful of our differences and to recognize that while we are all different, we are very much alike as members of one human family. He challenged the BASS students to be in the frontline of becoming global citizens.

The CIER, the Office for Student Affairs and Services and the Social Science Guild have been actively promoting this event to highlight the United Nations Month and Intercultural Education since 2016.

The Global Village Festival featured music and dance performances from different countries, tour guiding, and insights into the impact of Sustainable Development Goals in selected countries from the different geographical regions of the world.

In his closing remarks, Robert S. Pardillo, PhD, Program Chair of Social Science, encouraged students to let multiculturalism be the cornerstone of their shared journey. He hoped that regardless of gender, faith, or nationality, CHMSUans will continue to embrace cultural diversity, fostering a more inclusive future where every voice will be heard and every culture will be celebrated.

The program concluded with a delightful feast featuring diverse cuisines from different countries.

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