Talisay campus groups celebrate National Arts Month

To celebrate the National Arts Month, various campus groups at CMHSU Talisay hosted events to highlight creativity and artistic flair.

“National Arts Month Appreciation: Young Minds, Artistic Hearts” was a joint effort between the Special Education (SPED) Society and Early Childhood Education (ECE) Guild, held on February 29 at the CHMSU Talisay dining hall.

Some 37 young pupils of the Zone 3 Catabla Baybay Daycare Center joined the activities such as arts and crafts, face painting, storytelling, and collaborative games.

These activities aimed to foster creativity and artistic exploration among the young participants.

These also provided them with a platform to express themselves through diverse art forms.

Meanwhile, the College of Industrial Technology held a poster-making contest on the same at CHMSU Talisay Field Stage.

The seven participants from BS in Hospitality Management (BSHM) and BS in Information Technology (BSIT) showcased their talents through traditional and digital poster making.BSIT Fashion and Apparel won first place, followed by BSIT Electronics in second place, and BSHM secured third. (by Daryl Pajarillo)

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