Vision, Mission, and Core Values


A leading GREEN
(Good Governance, Research-oriented, Extension-driven, Education of Sustainable Development, Nation-building)
institution of higher learning in the global community by 2030.


We are a GREEN university committed to empower learners through academic excellence, relevant research, active community engagement, and good governance in order to build a just and sustainable world.

Core Values:


We commit always being the best and to deliver what is best and right in all our undertakings


We put ourselves in the shoes of others especially in times of distress, pain, and suffering coupled with a sincere desire to be of help and make difference in the lives of those who are afflicted


We honor our moral obligation in relation to nature and we strive to be conscious and cautious of our impact on the planet and all of creation

Love of Country

We honor our nation's history, culture, and people and we devote our time, talent, knowledge, technology, and treasure for the common good of the Filipino nation

Social Responsibility

We put others above ourselves and we make intentional decisions and actions which benefit the community and the common good


We demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles founded on honesty, transparency, accountability, and truthfulness in our performance, interaction, and way of life


We are open to new and diverse ideas and we maintain an inclusive atmosphere where everyone is valued and respected


We tap into our strengths and support systems and encourage everyone to be proactive, collaborative, and creative in dealing with challenges and difficulties

BOR Resolution No. 20, s. 2022

Quality Policy

We commit to deliver quality tertiary and advanced education through Instruction, Research, and Extension in conformance with established standards, good governance and functional systems adherent to continual improvement for customers' satisfaction.


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