CHMSU plants 190 endemic trees for Earth Day 2023

Carlos Hilado Memorial State University (CHMSU) celebrated Earth Day 2023 with the Bionihan Tree Monitoring and Inventory at Gawahon Eco-Park, Victorias City, on April 22.

With assistance from Bantay Bukid personnel, volunteers from CHMSU Talisay Campus, Alijis Campus, and Fortune Towne Campus, planted 190 endemic tree seedlings and monitored more than 600 growing trees planted during previous visits.

Rhoderick K. Samonte, Director for Internationalization and External Relations, expressed his gratitude to the students and staff who took part in the activity and encouraged everyone to use the experience to influence other members of the community to join future initiatives.

“This is our moral obligation. This is what it means to be a true human being – to take care of the environment,” he said.

According to Samonte, the school has been involved in the reforestation of the area since 2017 as part of its commitment to the environment and its core values. He added that despite the pandemic in 2020, the project was concretized and more sites were adopted by the school.

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