College of Education holds COED Day 2023

College of Education held COED Day 2023 with the theme “Strengthening the Inclusivity of the Growing Pack After Lockdown” on February 27, 2023 at Talisay (Main) Campus. The COED Student Executive Council spearheaded the event.

COED Day featured a talk on SDG 10 – Reduced Inequalities with guest speaker Julian Sian, COED Guidance Counselor. After a series of activities that included singing competitions, quiz bowl, and amazing race, the event closed with the Search for Mr. and Miss COED 2023 and awarding ceremony.

Competition results:
Vocal Duet
Champion – BPED
1st Runner-up – BSED FILIPINO
2nd Runner-up – BSNED

Vocal Solo
Champion – BPED
1st Runner-up – BSED MATH
2nd Runner-up – BSED FILIPINO

Amazing Race
Chamoion – BSED Math
1st Runner-up – BEED
2nd Runner-up – BECED

Protect Your Chairperson
Champion – BPED
1st Runner-up – BSED English
2nd Runner-up – BEED

Quiz Bowl
Champion – BSNED
1st Runner-up – BSED Science
2nd Runner-up – BSED English

TEB Beautification
Champion – TEB 206
1st Runner-up – TEB 103
2nd Runner-up – TEB 205

Mr. & Miss COED 2023

Miss COED 2023 – BSED Science
1st Runner-up – BSNED
2nd Runner-up – BSED Math

Mr. COED 2023 – BSED Math
1st Runner-up – BSED Science
2nd Runner-up – BPED

Photos courtesy of the COED SEC

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