Handuraw workshop revisits CHMSU history

The Center for Internationalization and External Relations and Library and Information Services conducted Handuraw: Tracing Our Roots Workshop at the Function Hall Green Building, Talisay (Main) Campus on May 8, 2023 as part of the 1st University Foundation Week celebration. Faculty, staff, students, and alumni from the four campuses participated in the workshop.

According to Rhoderick K. Samonte, CIER Director, the workshop aimed to come up with a clear institutional memory of the school’s historical milestones that can be passed on systematically to future generations.

Ruvy M. Tuble, PhD, Library and Information Services Director, and a team of librarians researched and gathered historical data such as pioneer administrators and important dates from each of the four campuses and presented these during the workshop.

Participants of the workshop discussed the accuracy and clarity of the historical data. Former Vice President for Research and Extension and retired faculty member Renato Salmingo, PhD, faculty members Jose Rabbi B. Malaga, PhD and Antonio L. Deraja, PhD, and University Registrar Arlene Pasquin provided their inputs and comments and validated the information presented.

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