Sonder: Psychological First Aid Training to Empower Mental Health Awareness in CHMSU

As part of their commitment to raising mental health awareness, the CHMSU Psychological Society and the Circle of Peer Facilitators conducted a Psychological First Aid Training on October 13, 2023, at the Multi-purpose Gym, Talisay (Main) Campus.

This training is particularly crucial in understanding the psychological impact of disasters and recognizing common reactions, both in ourselves and others. It delves into the core actions of Psychological First Aid, aiming to equip our students with the skills to offer immediate support to residents and colleagues facing disaster-related stress.

Ms. RM April T. Alon, RPsy, a former CHMSU faculty member and a distinguished field expert, graced the event as the resource speaker. Her insightful guidance provided valuable insights into stress reduction and resilience enhancement.

The practical side of this training involved a role-playing simulation. Students actively participated, putting their newfound knowledge into practice and honing their abilities. It’s a significant step toward a more informed and resilient community at CHMSU.

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