Students, staff learn how to recycle kitchen waste, turn paper into charcoal

Students, canteen concessionaires, pollution control officers, and materials recovery facility staff from the Alijis, Fortune Towne, and Talisay campuses learn how to turn kitchen waste into compost from Director Ma. Rosario Ballescas of the Regional Center for Expertise at University of the Philippines – Cebu, February 29.

Ballescas discussed the importance of finding ways to make use of the perishable and non-organic waste generated from kitchens, offices, and homes.

Also joining the workshop are students from the Technical University of the Philippines Visayas.

While recycling cannot fully solve the population’s dependence on single-use plastics, said Ballescas, it is an immediate solution to keep trash from waterways and landfills, especially non-biodegradable wastes.

Accompanying the director is her husband, Orlando, who gave a step by step tutorial on various ways to recycle and repurpose wastes.

The couple also gave brief tutorials on how to make eco-bricks by compressing single-use plastic bags in water bottles, briquette charcoal from scrap paper, among others.

Ballescas also suggested that participants take the lead in organizing activities and projects to make use of the products from recycling, such as kitchen waste compost and eco-bricks.

This composting and recycling workshop is organized by the Center for Internationalization and External Relations. (by Keith Brandon Cari-an)

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