Beyond Earth Day: CHMSU intensifies solid waste management, sustainability campaigns

Carlos Hilado Memorial State University has intensified its environmental sustainability efforts by empowering students to lead campaigns and activities on campus and beyond.

Student volunteers from the BA Social Science program began the intensive room-to-room and campus-wide campaign last April 23 on the Talisay campus to promote proper waste disposal among university members.

This is part of the Ecological Solid Waste Management system implemented across all campuses under the Greening CHMSU program.

The first stop of the campaign is in Talisay. It will be rolled out to the Alijis, Binalbagan, and Fortune Towne campuses in the coming weeks, according to the Center for Internationalization and External Relations (CIER), the office facilitating Greening CHMSU activities.

This re-education goes beyond the observance of Earth Day and the Philippine Planet Earth Month.

“Greening CHMSU is integrated into the curriculum and practices of the university. Reintroducing the Ecological Solid Waste Management system to students is an activity conducted routinely,” said CIER Director Rhoderick Samonte.

As the university welcomes incoming students for AY 2024-2025, continuous sustainability campaigns such as this will ensure that new CHMSUans become aware of our environment-friendly activities and practices, said Samonte.

In celebration of Planet Earth Month in the Philippines and the recent Earth Day, members of student-led organizations also joined the mangrove planting at Brgy. Zone 3 in Talisay City on April 21.

Some 80 students from organizations based in the Talisay campus organizations joined the activity organized by the Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation, Inc.

Meanwhile, students have also joined the environmental observances this April by posting the simple ways they contribute to the sustainability efforts of CHMSU.

Some students shared on Greening CHMSU Hub, a public Facebook group, how they’ve campaigned to use reusable straws and bags to their families and friend groups rather than opting for single-use straws and plastics.

Students have also initiated plogging activities where they pick up trash inside and outside the campus. Some even picked up trash streams near their homes and dormitories.

As Planet Earth Month comes to a close, the CHMSU community will continue to involve students, faculty, and staff in the movement, and incorporate sustainability in upcoming celebrations.

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