HRDO organizes Good Governance and Values Seminar

The Human Resource Development Office (HRDO) of Carlos Hilado Memorial State University organized a two-day seminar on Good Governance and Values Re-orientation for all faculty and staff on November 17, 2022 at the Multi-purpose Gym, Talisay (Main) Campus.

Day 1

President Norberto P. Mangulabnan, PhD, opened the session with a welcome message. He stated that the seminar was a very good opportunity for CHMSU especially in improving the quality of service it provides to the students and in moving forward to achieve its vision. Vice President for Administration and Finance Rosalinda S. Tuvilla, JD gave the rationale.

Atty. James Lee Cundangan, Assistant Solicitor General, led the morning session on the 2017 Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Services. Atty. Cundangan emphasized that the disciplining body for administrative cases is not the president but the Board of Regents. He discussed this further by giving sample cases for the audience to understand. He also presented the different classification of offenses, namely, 1) grave offenses, 2) less grave offenses, and 3) light offenses.

Before the afternoon session resumed, College of Education faculty member Ma. Elena Y. Doruelo, PhD facilitated a quick exercise to energize the group.

Atty. Cundangan continued the session with a discussion on the Revised Administrative Disciplinary Rules on Sexual Harassment Cases and The Safe Spaces Act. He said that sexual harassment issues are very common, especially in relation to faculty. He also stated that sexual harassment is not limited to male offenders only, but even to female offenders and same-sex situations.

Atty. Leney L. Layug-Delfin, Senior State Solicitor, followed with a presentation on Republic Act No. 6713: An Act Establishing a Code of Conduct. Atty. Delfin focused on the norms of conduct which include among others political neutrality, responsiveness to the public, nationalism and patriotism, commitment to democracy, and simple living. She also stressed the importance of commitment to public interest, professionalism, and justness and sincerity as standards in the discharge and execution of official duties.

During the open forum, members of the audience asked the speakers different questions such as how salary deductions are to be applied, leave credits, overtime work and pay, and situations when criminal cases and administrative cases happen simultaneously.

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