May 22 is International Day for Biodiversity

The United Nations declared every 22nd day of May as International Day for Biodiversity to call on people to re-evaluate humanity’s relationship with nature and ecosystems which life is very dependent on. The observance aims to increase understanding and awareness of the world’s biodiversity issues.

May 22 was chosen to commemorate the adoption of the Agreed Text of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

What is Biodiversity?
According to the UN Convention on Biodiversity, Biological diversity or ‘biodiversity’ is the variety of life on earth. It refers to the complex relationships and mechanisms among living things, species, ecosystems, and environments. Humanity relies greatly on biodiversity and its components for goods and services to sustain life. These include food, medicine, clean water and air, and other natural resources.

From Agreement to Action: Build Back Biodiversity
The theme for International Day of Biodiversity 2023 is “From Agreement to Action: Build Back Biodiversity.” This theme is anchored on the results of the Convention of Parties 15 UN Summit where governments had agreed to adopt the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF). This framework was designed to address biodiversity loss, restore ecosystems and protect indigenous rights through concreate measures. It consists of four global goals to protect nature and features 23 targets to achieve by 2030.

Goal A – Ecosystems maintained, enhanced, or restored, extinctions are halted, extinction rate reduced tenfold and genetic diversity is maintained.

Goal B – Biodiversity is sustainably used and its contributions to people are maintained, enhanced or restored.

Goal C – Benefits from the use of genetic resources are shared and sustainably increased.

Goal D – The biodiversity funding gap of 700 billion USD is closed by ensuring adequate means of implementation are available.

What can we do? Let’s take some ideas from the 22 Actions for Biodiversity.
Everyone is encouraged to adopt any or all of the 22 Actions for Biodiversity and even create personal activities.


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