Project MINI ME culminates in CHMSU Talisay

The region-wide Project MINI ME of the Western Visayas Regional Development Council (RDC-VI) through the National Economic Development Authority-Regional Project Monitoring Committee, VI (NEDA-RPMC VI) recently culminated in the Talisay campus.

The culmination on February 28 included a final monitoring that focused on the infrastructure construction, intricacies of its engineering design, and complexities of balancing development with environmental protection on the projects of CHMSU.

The participants from various institutions visited the project sites in the university and joined the orientation-meeting with key stakeholders involved in the project implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Project MINI ME (Mainstreaming and Institutionalizing for the New-generation the Investments in Monitoring and Evaluation) promotes a culture of accountability and transparency in the government, through monitoring and evaluation, among emerging youth leaders among state universities and colleges.

The project is in partnership with the YSEALI-Professional Fellows Program, Global Shapers Community-Iloilo Hub, National Youth Commission and the Regional Association of State Universities and Colleges (RASUC) VI.

The City of Bacolod also hosted a culmination reception on Feb. 29.

CHMSUans in action

Last July 4-7, 2023, three CHMSU students were among the 20 SUC representatives in Western Visayas who joined the kick-off activity of Project MINI learning workshop in Boracay Island, Aklan.

The CHMSUans who joined the kick-off were Christian Paul Nobles (Bachelor of Arts in Social Science), Jude Albacite (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management), and Dierdre Rossell Azucena (Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English).

Lessons learned

“The project MINI ME taught us how to monitor and evaluate government projects because it is vital for us, as a youth, to be involved in monitoring and maintaining the evaluation of our government projects because, after all, it’s the people’s money,” said Christian Paul Nobles.

Nobles added that as a youth, “we should be involved and be at the forefront of monitoring and evaluating our government projects.”

“As a student leader, we should be accountable for every situation, especially when it comes to government projects. It is somehow a responsibility to monitor where the people’s money is allocated. So, I am encouraging the students that we should be accountable in every situation we’ve made”, Nobles added.

For Jude Albacite, he plans to apply what he has learned throughout the project by upholding integrity, promoting civic engagement, and fostering youth empowerment at CHMSU.
Albacite also urged his fellow students to continuously upgrade their technical and life skills. “Let’s think about the legacy we’ll leave for the future generations to come. Alone, I cannot create change. But together, we can.” (by Zhybeille Nessia)

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