Releasing of IDs for the 3rd year students of CHMSU Talisay (Main) Campus

To all 3rd Year students of CHMSU Talisay (Main) Campus

The ICT-MIS located at the 3rd Floor, Green Building will release student IDs for 3rd year students on the following dates. Below is the schedule of ID releases per college.

September 14-16: College of Industrial Technology:

September 19-20: Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

September 21-22: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

September 23-26: Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

September 27-28 College of Arts & Sciences

September 29-30: College of Education

To 2nd year and 3rd year students who have not processed their student ID, kindly proceed to the ICT-MIS Office on September 15.

1st year, 4th year, and 5th year students of Talisay (Main) Campus are required to fill up the online identification card form for their ID processing starting September 15 until September 30. The link for the online identification card form is “”.

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