GAD conducts training on gender sensitivity

In line with CHMSU’s participation in the National 18-day Campaign to End Violence Among Women, Gender and Development (GAD) Office conducted a Gender Sensitivity Training on December 5, 2022 at Resorts Negrense, Bacolod City. Newly hired faculty, staff, new GADGRC teachers, security, maintenance, and janitorial personnel participated in the event.

GAD Director Elvie S. Samson, PhD and coordinators Ma. Hanna Grace M. Lopez, PhD (Alijis Campus), Rose F. Regala, PhD (Binalbagan Campus), and Ann Charyl M. Gallo, PhD (Fortune Towne Campus) spearheaded the one-day activity.

President Norberto P. Mangulabnan, PhD visited the training and expressed his support for the advocacy and the need for inclusivity, acceptance amidst individual differences, and respect for one another. He also said that the goal is to live life in the most harmonious way possible. “When we leave later on, whether we transfer or go somewhere else, we leave a legacy of kindness and legacy of truth,” he said.

The training included lectures and interactive activities given by resource speaker Marie June Castro, Provincial GAD Focal Point System Action Officer. In her talks, she tackled the difference of gender and sex, socializing institutions that form gender stereotypes, forms of gender biases and manifestations, and more. Castro emphasized the role of culture and society in creating gender issues because of the media, family relations, education, and others. To complement these lectures, participants exchanged ideas and opinions through creative presentations such as skits and posters.

“We both have feminine and masculine traits, let us maximize these without judgement,” Castro said as she encouraged everyone to continue initiating and joining GAD programs and gender sensitivity activities.

At the end of the workshop, representatives per campus were asked to share their takeaways from the workshop. Chris Flores from Fortune Towne campus said that regardless of gender, what is important is what people do, “What matters is we do our part, or we do our role to make this world a better place to live in.”

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