HRDO conducts FOI info drive

The Human Resource Development Office conducted an information drive on the CHMSU FOI Program at Talisay Campus, Fortune Towne Campus, Alijis Campus, and Binalbagan Campus on June 5, 6, 9, and 14, 2023, respectively.

The information drive aimed to promote awareness and deepen the understanding and involvement of the CHMSU Community in the FOI Program. Rosalinda S. Tuvilla, JD, VPAF and FOI Decision Maker discussed the CHMSU FOI Program Overview, Role of FOI Decision Maker and Receiving Officer, and Exceptions to FOI, while Rebecca C. Gegantoni, Administrative Officer V and FOI Receiving Officer presented Procedures in Requesting for Information, Remedies In Case of Denial, and the No Wrong Door Policy.

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